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Our flagship gym with over renovated1500 sqm. Gym, group workouts, physiotherapist, PT, tennis & massage.

In central Lund, you will find Gerdahallen. You get workouts with joy, quality and community in an inspiring environment. With a wide range of group workouts and gyms, you can exercise fitness, balance and strength at Gerdahallen with inspiring environment. Together with our experienced physiotherapists, masseurs and personal trainers, you will reach your goals. Start your journey here.

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Strength training not only makes you stronger – it also makes you more alert, happier and healthier! Here you can exercise strength, balance and condition.

Group workout

We have a lots of inspiring forms of exercise for you who find it more fun to workout together and in groups. With a supporting instructor and happy music, it will be more fun to reach your goals.


Our personal trainers at Gerdahallen work to develop a personal workout plan that makes you get out more of your training and easier reach your goals. With the right motivation, feedback and follow-up, it becomes more fun to workout.

New at Gerdahallen?

We are glad that you want to join us, let us help you to get started in the best way! Our gym hosts will answer all your questions about exercising in the gym and show you how our machines works.

If you are looking for a more individual plan how to reach your goals, we refer to our Personal Trainers.



Gerdahallen Lund

The Foundation for Exercise Activities at Lund University
Helgonavägen 8
SE-223 62 LUND

010-722 21 00

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Contact information to Gerdahallen’s employees

Magnus Andrén


Madeleine Schoug


Magnus Lorentz

Anläggningsansvarig, IT-ansvarig & säkerhet

Gunilla Toth


Sandra Eriksson Lundin

Ansvarig Personlig Träning

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I love exercising, health and also have a background as a competitive swimmer. I am a mother of three and know how important it is to build a strong body from the inside and out to cope with everyday life.

When you hire me, you get a committed and accurate trainer who conducts safe, effective and purposeful training. I base your training program on evidence-based knowledge but also based on my experience as a coach and together we build a plan to achieve your goals.

Exercise is medicine and also the best investment you can make in yourself for lifelong health. As lic. a medical trainer, I have knowledge of individualized lifelong training from a holistic perspective.

I want to inspire and motivate you to reach your goals, regardless of whether you are new to the gym or used to exercising, old and young.


  • Degree in Sports Science
  • Biomedicine with a focus on physical exercise
  • Lic. Medical trainer / personal trainer
  • SISU trainers strength training for children and young people
  • Youth / Junior coach swimming
  • Lic. Dietary advisor

Stefan Karlsson

Verksamhetschef, Leg. Sjukgymnast, Ansvarig Sjukgymnastik

Nadia Haffajee-Krysell

Leg. Sjukgymnast, Gruppträningskoordinator Seniorverksamhet, Pilates & Core

Anna Lindh

Gruppträningskoordinator DanceAerobic/Step, Poweryoga, Zumba, HIIT, Kettlebell & Afro

Ann-Charlotte Roos

Gruppträningskoordinator Spinning, Box, BodyPump & BodyCombat

Helene Tånnander

Gruppträningskoordinator Gympa, Functional & TRX

Tomas Westerlund

Koordinator gym

Anuska Acosta

Leg. Sjukgymnast

Moa Ejdrén

Leg. Sjukgymnast

Åsa Rippe

Leg. Sjukgymnast

Pernilla Olsson


Erika Sällberg

Personal trainer

Read more about me

It should be fun to exercise!

Together with me, as your PT, we develop a routine that suits you and make it easy reaching your goals. I will help you who are a beginner as well as you who have a lot of experience in exercising.
My goal as your PT is reaching your goals!  I work a lot with challenges and always think we have more to give. Together we will make you become stronger in both body and brain – we will make it happen! As a start we will build up your body with exercises and then work with these to develop and reach our goals. Here we go!


  • Strength Training
  • Challenges


  • Internationell personal trainer – by Bodyfight
  • Sports leader – SISU Idrottsutbildarna

Sports background:

  • Swimmer
  • Former member of the national team for lifesaving
  • 10 years of experience in the gym

Sebastian Rooth

Personal trainer

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As a personal trainer, I am fascinated by the idea of assisting my clients in reaching physical and mental heights they themselves never thought were possible. I think training should be fun and motivating, which in my opinion is very much based on inspiration and development. With me, you get professional guidance from start to finish, regardless of whether your goal is development in your specific sport, improving mobility or raising the quality of life in everyday life.

It doesn’t matter who you are and what level you are at, together we will build a personal plan to be able to reach our goals. According to your conditions it will be a lifelong investment in yourself both physically and mentally.


  • Sustainable lifestyle change in exercise and health’
  • Functional strength training
  • Body composition Change


  • Bachelor’s degree in sports science with a focus on leadership and pedagogy
  • Lic. personal trainer at The Academy
  • External courses in physiology, sports psychology and nutritional physiology

Athletic background:

  • Many years of practical experience of strength and barbell training
  • Football player with games in div 1 as the greatest merit

Ulf Malmsten

Personlig tränare, Koordinator gym, Testansvarig

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I have a background as a lic. physiotherapist and has worked for 15 years with training and physical tests. I have a balanced sight of exercise and diet. Training should be both challenging and fun, but always based on an idea of long-term and safety. I have always trained, mostly strength training and mountain biking. You can with advantage book me to train functional strength and fitness in the gym!


  • Functional strength training
  • Cardio set-up


  • Lic. Physiotherapist
  • Strength instructor Gerdahallen
  • Various courses in training and tests

Jörgen Veisland

Personal trainer

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Which exercise is best?

The answer to that question, and to all the other questions I get from people who are going to start their training journey, or have been training for a while but want to further develop, is the same. It depends on your individual conditions and opportunities. It is important to understand that we exercise to live well. My role as your PT is to help you find out what works for you and goals you want to achieve. What is needed for you to achieve the change you want to achieve or to achieve your goal?

My goal with your training is that it should be challenging, fun and educational.


  • Functional strength training
  • Strength lifting
  • Diet counseling & weight loss


  • SAFE Education Personal trainer
  • Everlifting Powerlifting Workshop (Strength lifting)
  • TRX certified instructor
  • Strength instructor Gerdahallen

Sports background:

  • Many years of football
  • 10 years of experience in strength training

Myelie Lendelund


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Myelie är utbildad medicinsk massageterapeut. Hon har tidigare gjort sin praktik på Gerdahallen.

Bokningsbara tider:
Måndag: 07:00-14:00
Onsdag: 07:00 – 14:00

Per Bankemo


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Jag är certifierad massör av Branschrådet Svensk Massage. Jag utför klassisk svensk massage i både behandlande (vid t.ex. muskelknutor eller ischiasbesvär) och avslappnande syfte (vid t.ex. tentastress). Efter en enklare undersökning kommer vi gemensamt fram till vilken behandling som är bäst för just dig. Ofta kombinerar jag massagen med neuromuskulära behandlingstekniker som PNF och PRT (positionell relaxationsteknik). Jag sadlade om till massör 2008 eftersom jag ville jobba med att hjälpa människor och göra dem glada. Så – när får jag hjälpa dig? Välkommen!

Bokningsbara tider:
Tisdag: 7:15-14:00
Onsdag: 14:00 – 20:45
Fredag: 8:00 – 14:45

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