Pregnant/maternity workout

For those of you who are pregnant or want to start exercising after giving birth. We have so much to offer!

Pregnancy training is a class that is aimed at those of you who are pregnant. Each class includes a wonderful and adapted training session consisting of a versatile gym-based warm-up and strength training with various equipment at an individual station. The “circle training” exercise selection will be varied during the course. Each course ends with a slowdown and mobility training.

Both exercise choice and speed of movement are adapted to the growing stomach.

At each class, you as a participant will receive valuable information about training in connection with pregnancy etc

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MammaMage (Physiotherapy)

Have you recently given birth or are you having problems with your abdominal muscles? Or maybe you know that you have a diastase?

Then we recommend MammaMage – a group where you train with a physiotherapist on 5 occasions and at the same time receive information and training advice that will help you with training after pregnancy. The training takes place together in a group and if you have a baby who wants to come along, this is welcome.

NOTE! To participate in the MammaMage group, you must first meet a physiotherapist and be examined. Book you first meeting with a physiotherapist here!

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Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood. Yoga becomes a tool for managing hormonal fluctuations and provides awareness so that the pregnant woman can handle tension, anxiety, fear, changes, and childbirth. Through yoga, you gain knowledge about the body, allowing you to be present in your pregnant body and establish a connection with the baby. You learn to find your center in the body, improving posture and avoiding imbalances. You exercise the pelvic floor, which provides knowledge on how to influence the muscles during the pushing phase. A well-trained pelvic floor helps with quicker recovery and healing after childbirth. Consciously using your breath provides the foundation for maintaining calm and managing pain, anxiety, or fear. We use yoga to synchronize breathing with movements, learn relaxation techniques, and to meditate. Through deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), you can avoid tensions that cause fatigue and, in turn, lead to nausea and impaired bodily functions such as reduced blood flow and circulation. No prerequisites are required to participate in prenatal yoga. You can join regardless of your due date. Some movements are modified to suit the pregnant body specifically.


Strong Mom (PT small group)

Pregnancy and given birth mean great strain on the body. It is important to get started and to train based on the conditions you have afterwards. Together with a personal trainer, you get professional help to get started with the training, which is adapted to your needs, in a small group.

We have different levels of groups where you choose a group depending on, among other things, time after the birth and training permit.

Sounds like something to you? Read more about the groups here!

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