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Let your workout-journey begin and reach your goals together with us. We have all kinds of training, all characterized by quality, joy and community. We have something for the whole family, and want to offer training not just once, but all through life. From only SEK 249/month.

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In our gym you can focus on your training and reach all your goals. With strength and conditioning training you will strengthens both your mental and physical health.

Group workouts

In our group workouts, you can train fitness, balance, dance and strength. With the power of music together with the leader’s coaching, you will be stronger, flexible and happier!


Our personal trainers will help you reach all your training goals.

Get inspiration for a more fun and rewarding workout. You get a tailored training program that allows you to get even more out of your training.

Everything for your training

Become our workout friend and enjoy inspiring training with us in an environment where people of all ages meet. We have something for everyone – whether you want to train strength, fitness or balance. Choose the form that suits you best and start working out on your terms.

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