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We will help your employees get started. Exercising is a healthy way to get a strong body, but also a strong brain.

We offer various solutions where we can reach all your employees, including those who doesn’t workout on a regular basis. Gerdahallen has everything and something for everyone. We have group workouts, health tests, lectures, personal training and massages. Everything is led by our instructors, personal trainers, lecturers and masseurs. Contact us and we will tell you more about how we can help your organization to live more healthier.

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We will help you shape a long-term health, based on your corporation’s unique needs. We create a conscious strategy with important success factors in your health and wellness work.


Find out more about your own and your employees’ physical capacity and what you all need to adapt in your training. It should be easy to reach your goals. We provide you with tools to monitor your physical ability and measure your development.


In our group workouts, you will exercise both fitness, dance, balance and strength. With the power of music and the leader’s pep, you will be stronger, flexible and happier!


At Gerdahallen, we have well educated and experienced coworkers who lecture about exercise and health. Here, as a corporate customer, you have the opportunity to inspire your employees to a better health.


Give your employees a peaceful moment of recovery. Our goal is to give more energy . We reduce stress and provide a moment of rest.


Our personal trainers will help you and your employees to reach your goals. Get inspiration for more fun and rewarding exercise. You get personal exercises that allow each employee to get even more out of their training.

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