Are you in need of rehabilitation?

Our physiotherapists have many years of experience and good competence in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

We work from a holistic perspective to get a clear idea of the patient’s problem. The patient is offered an examination and an individually adapted rehabilitation. All physiotherapists at Gerdahallen are certified in sports medicine. We are also trained in the McKenzie method, Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Functional Manual Therapy, Joint Manipulation, Women’s Health, The Mulligan Concept, Acupuncture, Functional Training, Dance for Health, MediYoga and Pilates. Furthermore, we have specific knowledge in exercise science. Further training takes place continuously to maintain a high level of competence and follow current research.

Gerdahallen physiotherapists have teaching assignments at Lund University.

The physiotherapists are involved in the internal instructor training at Gerdahallen and during inspiration and wellness days.

We collaborate with Hälsocentralen Sankt Hans.

Patient charges
We follow Region Skåne’s tariff for medical treatment. The treatment cost is currently SEK 200. If you are under 20 or over 85, the care is free of charge. No referral is required for treatment.

No matter where you are listed, you are warmly welcome.
High-cost and exemption cards apply.


To book an appointment with our physiotherapists call: 010-7222100

Phone time for booking:

  • Mon-Tue 08: 00-11: 00
  • Wed-Thurs 09: 00-11: 00


Cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours before the booked visit to the following email address

You can also email your physiotherapist directly to cancel or change your appointment.

Missing visits are charged in accordance with Region Skåne’s rules for missed visits.

Patient groups


Have you recently given birth or do you have problems with your abdominal muscles? Do you know that you have diastasis? You get information and training advice. To participate, you must meet with a physiotherapist and be examined. We train in groups and the baby is welcome to come along.


More information? Email

Pregnant Training – Amnionkliniken

In collaboration with Aminokliniken, we offer Pregnancy Training together with Physiotherapist Åsa Rippe and midwives at Amnionkliniken.

Balance training

The training is performed in groups and is focused on balance and coordination. Warming up and unwinding takes place to music under the direction of a physiotherapist. The goal of the training is to improve balance and prevent falls and reduce fear of movement.

Before the start of training, an individual visit to a physiotherapist is required for tests.

More information? E-mail

Exercise your back

The workout is performed in groups and is focused on training the torso and back. Heating and unwinding take place under the guidance of a physiotherapist. The goal of the training is to improve your function in the back and reduce any pain.


More information? Email


MediYoga (®) is a Swedish-developed medical and therapeutic form of yoga that is used in Swedish healthcare. MediYoga can be defined as a form of body-mind training, a holistic training that calms the mind, increases body awareness and balances the body’s nervous and hormonal systems, but which also contributes to increased mobility, flexibility and strength.


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Osteoarthritis School

Gerdahallen offers regular osteoarthritis school. BOA stands for better care of patients with Osteoarthritis. The osteoarthritis school is open to you who have so much discomfort from the hip and / or knee that you seek medical attention. No referral required. The purpose of the osteoarthritis school is that all patients with osteoarthritis should receive basic treatment as a first treatment alternative.


More information? Email

Osteoarthritis training (continued)

To participate in this training, you must have participated in Artosskola, BOA. It should have been three months since you ended the previous training period in the group. During a 10-week period, you will receive support in getting started with your training again.


More information? Email

Rehabilitation training

We do strength training together in groups with a focus on stressful training for patients.

Studies have shown that exercise and strength training have positive effects on physical and mental health and quality of life.

The entire session takes place under the guidance of a licensed physiotherapist. The goal of exercise is to improve general physical function such as strength, balance, function and well-being.

Before the start of training, an individual visit to a physiotherapist is required for tests.

More information? Email or

Dance for health


Come and try unpretentious dance where we focus on the joy of movement instead of performance.
A research-based effort to strengthen mental health.

For young people between 13-18 years. Admission to the group takes place mainly via student health, but you can contact us for further information if you have questions about this.

Do you want to know more about the dance? Email:

Physical activity

Physical activity in disease prevention and treatment was launched in 2001. The concept of Physical activity on prescription (FAR) has been linked to FYSS, which means that licensed healthcare staff prescribe physical activity. Your recipe is activated after a motivational conversation with FYSS coordinator at Gerdahallen.

The FYSS card cost 790 SEK and is valid for 3 months from the first visit.


Booking of Fyss / FAR time is made by

Cancellation is made no later than 24 hours before the booked visit.



Supplementary class

  • Class C

Basic class

  • Course A
  • Course B
  • Place, Gerdahallen, Lund
  • Leader Johan Alvemalm


Please provide full address and personal identity number / corporate identity number when registering.
NOTE! If you are employed by Reg Skåne, please enter the e-invoice address. The course fee includes educational materials as well as lunch and coffee.

Read more about Mulligan konceptet

Our physiotherapists

Anuska Acosta

Leg. Sjukgymnast

Åsa Rippe

Leg. Sjukgymnast

Moa Ejdrén

Leg. Sjukgymnast

Nadia Haffajee-Krysell

Leg. Sjukgymnast, Gruppträningskoordinator Seniorverksamhet, Pilates & Core

Stefan Karlsson

Verksamhetschef, Leg. Sjukgymnast, Ansvarig Sjukgymnastik

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