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We Offer the Widest Range of Group Training in Lund!


At Gerdahallen we offer a variety of inspiring group exercise classes for those who enjoy working out together. With motivating instructors, effective exercises and upbeat music, achieving your fitness goals will be easier than ever.

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Our group workouts


AfroPowerDance ® is inspired by a variety of African dances. The class features simple choreography and is full of joy. Big, free and powerful movements with a low centre of gravity provide a challenging workout and a wonderful feeling throughout your body.


BAT (Best Allround Training) is an efficient high-intensity class with barbells and step boards. We focus on cardio and strength, as well as flexibility and coordination. Get ready for a fun challenge with uplifting music!


Bodycombat ® is a powerful class with epic moves! You will challenge your stamina and physique with techniques from Karate, Taekwondo, Capoeira, Boxing and Muay Thai. The music and movements create an escape from reality, allowing you and your workout buddies to become action heroes for an hour.


Bodypump ® challenges your strength and endurance to uplifting music. We perform simple and effective exercises using barbells, weight plates and step boards. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to work their whole body in one hour. You can adjust the weights to suit your level.


Booty is a 30-minute class that targets your thighs and glutes. You will tone and strengthen these muscles so that you can lift heavier weights in exercises such as squats and deadlifts. We do simple exercises with mini bands, mats and step boards to upbeat music. You choose a miniband with a resistance that suits you.


CardioCross is a challenging, high-intensity class with lots of fun equipment. We start with a thorough and varied warm-up. We then work through a range of equipment including barbells, Bulgarian bags, TRX bands and parallel bars. The instructor changes the exercises every month.


Core helps you strengthen your abs, back, shoulders and glutes. We work with body weight, sometimes using equipment such as weight plates and sticks. The instructor gradually increases the intensity of the exercises, allowing you to find the perfect level of difficulty.


DanceAerobic is a versatile workout for those who enjoy combining basic steps to create a dance. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you start with DanceAerobic 1 or 2. In DanceAerobic 3 you should already be familiar with the basic steps as we include jumps and turns at a high pace.


Functional strength is an athletic and effective training where strength, stability and endurance are trained with the help of a step board and weight plates. Pulse-raising and sometimes explosive moments are also included. The cooperation between different body parts, muscles and directions of movement provides training in all dimensions of the body.


GoMad is an intense, small group class that focuses on free weight training. We use equipment such as barbells, weights and kettlebells to develop strength, explosiveness, endurance and technique. Join us in the room called Bakfickan behind the cardio machines in the gym.


Gympa is a versatile class suitable for most people. It has its roots in early 19th century Sweden and was founded by Pehr Henrik Ling. Gympa has been an important part of Swedish fitness culture ever since. Each gympa class incorporates strength, cardio, flexibility, coordination and relaxation to challenge and engage the body in every way. We often alternate between different exercises to avoid muscle fatigue. The whole class is built on the principle of enjoyment: it should be easy, fun and comfortable to move!


The HIT (High Intensity Training) class may include different exercises from time to time, but the principle remains the same. We warm up for 5–10 minutes. We then work intensely for 20–45 seconds on each exercise, followed by 10 seconds of active rest. You work at your own pace and intensity, and the instructor will show more difficult variations for those who want an extra challenge. At the end of the class, we cool down and stretch together.


Our kettlebell class will help you develop flexibility, balance, strength, cardio and explosiveness. It is perfect for those looking to improve their overall fitness. Kettlebell training also provides a solid foundation for Olympic lifts and powerlifting.


Les Mills Core ® works your core, including your abs, glutes and back. We work to the beat of uplifting music, often using equipment such as resistance bands and light weights. The workout will leave you with a strong body, fit for everyday life.


Our outdoor running classes last approximately 70–80 minutes. During the Tuesday class you work towards your personal goal for a 10k race, such as Lundaloppet. Thursday classes are designed to improve your overall running performance.



In Pilates you work with an active flow and good quality in every movement. You do all the exercises on your mat. Sometimes we use equipment such as a ball, magic circle or foam roller. All exercises originate from the core, but you will be working several muscle groups. This is a perfect class for anyone looking to improve functional strength, flexibility and body awareness.


SomaMove ® is an athletic yet gentle form of exercise. You work barefoot, using your own body and a yoga mat. The entire class is a continuous flow of different movement patterns that challenges your strength, flexibility and balance.


Spinning is a simple and effective form of exercise using stationary bikes. You can easily adapt the class to your own level and current form. The large muscle groups in your legs work hard, demanding lung and cardiovascular capacity. This makes spinning an excellent cardio workout.


In between instructor-led classes, the virtual classes RPM ®, Sprint ® and The Trip ® are automatically displayed in the stationary bike room. You can come and go as you please.

Perhaps you want to warm up a little before your class, or stay longer for some intervals and cardio training.



Step is a good cardio workout using a step board. You get to combine different moves into a kind of dance as you move up and down the board. Sometimes the instructor adds a strength component at the end of the class. In this case, you use both weights and your own body as resistance.


StepDance is suitable for those with previous step training experience. The step combinations are inspired by various dance styles and are more advanced than those in regular step classes. It may include jumps and turns and the pace can be quite high at times


Tabata Cirkel is an interval class where we work hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Eight repetitions of this make up a Tabata, which lasts 4 minutes. The exercises in each Tabata can vary from time to time, but you always work at your own pace. Everyone can join Tabata Cirkel!


Gerdahallen’s yoga welcomes you on the second floor. Here you will find a quiet lounge and a beautiful studio where you can build strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness. Mindfulness and breathing are central. We offer a wide range of yoga classes, from Poweryoga at various levels to Yinyoga, Back yoga, Restorative yoga, Dance your asana and Prenatal yoga.


In Zumba, we dance to Latin American music with elements of Latin pop and international radio hits. We combine basic steps into a choreography with both fast and slow rhythms. The result is a fun interval workout suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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We at Gerdahallen

Here you will find contact information for Gerdahallen’s employees

Nadia Haffajee-Krysell

Leg. Sjukgymnast, Gruppträningskoordinator Seniorverksamhet, Pilates & Core

Anna Lindh

Gruppträningskoordinator DanceAerobic/Step, Poweryoga, Zumba, HIIT, Kettlebell & Afro

Ann-Charlotte Roos

Gruppträningskoordinator Spinning, Box, BodyPump & BodyCombat

Helene Tånnander

Gruppträningskoordinator Gympa, Functional & TRX

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