PT Small Group/PT family

The best of group training combines with a PT! Focus on you and the group’s energy.

Do you want to workout in a small group but still have the benefits of a personal trainer? Then PT Small Group is for you. Right now we also offer a group for you with children – PT Family!

You will workout in a group with 4 – 8 other people with a common goal or with a special theme. For example, it can be about functional strength training for you who are a fitness athlete, weight loss or olympic lifting with a barbell. You get the benefit of having a personal trainer who can help you individually, while being motivated by the others in the group.

We offer following groups

Strong Mama

Pregnancy and just given birth mean great strain on the body. It is important to get started and to train based on the conditions you have afterwards. Together with a personal trainer, you get professional help to get started with training adapted to your needs, in a small group.

All our courses run over eight weeks. We offer two different levels based on, among other things, time after the birth and training permit. All training takes place in groups with individual adaptation where it is you as a mother who is in focus. The children are welcome to join until they are about 1 year old.

Strong through menopause

More info coming soon.

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