Develop your running with us

Practice running in different forms and sharpen your running steps at Gerdahallen

Are you a beginner or have you been running for a few years but want to learn better technology and improve your fitness? There are many benefits in practicing group running. For example to be pushed, get feedback on your technology or “just” the social.

Outdoor running

  • Tuesdays at 18.00 Outdoor Running Lundaloppet Jan Ledje
  • Thursdays at 18.00 Outdoor Running Henrik Stigmar

Tuesdays will be a session where we exercise to reach our personal goals before “Lundaloppet” or some other mill race.
Thursdays with a large selection and variety of sessions with a focus on improving you as a runner.

The sessions are about 70-80 minutes long depending on how the session is set up

The purpose of outdoor running is to improve your fitness, technique, speed and running strength.

Examples of some techniques that are varied on each session:

  • Step intervals
  • Pyramid intervals
  • Relay intervals
  • Motluts intervals
  • Tabata intervals
  • Speed endurance
  • Speed game
  • Threshold training
  • Hill training and strength
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