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Completely renovated gym of 500 sqm. Exercise strength and cardio with modern machines and tools.

In central Helsingborg, you will find Gerdahallen. Workout with joy, quality and community in an inspiring environment. We offer group workouts and gym, where you can exercise fitness, balance and strength. Together with our experienced employees and personal trainers, you will reach your goals. Start your journey today!

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In the completely renovated gym of 500 sqm you will, among other things, be able to exercise strength and cardio with modern machines and tools.

Group workout

GoCrazy – high-intensity HIT-inspired workout in 30 minutes.

Cirkelgym – exercise strength at different stations where we go through the whole body. This session is also available as an outdoor session, and is 30-45 minutes.

Virtuell spinning – The Trip by Les Mills is the perfect fusion of training, technology and challenge where you ride in a virtual 3D world.


Our personal trainers at Gerdahallen work to develop a personal workout plan that makes you get out more of your training and easier reach your goals. With the right motivation, feedback and follow-up, it becomes more fun to workout.

New at Gerdahallen?

We are glad that you want to join us, let us help you to get started in the best way!

Choose what suits you the best. In our renovated gym you can exercise strength and cardio with modern machines and tools. For you who wants to workout in a group, we have several of wonderful and energetic workouts. There is something for everyone – at Gerdahallen in Helsingborg.


Gerdahallen Helsingborg

The Foundation for Exercise Activities at Lund University
Helgonavägen 8
SE-223 62 LUND


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Camilla Lagerberg

Platschef Helsingborg

Axel Magnusson

Gymansvarig & Personlig tränare Helsingborg

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If you succeed in constructing a medicine that gives the same good effects for the body as exercise does, you do not need to book anything on the 10 of December because then it will be a Nobel Prize. In other words, there is nothing as good for a person’s well-being as exercise.

However, it is important that the training is performed correctly to maximize the benefit of your time at the gym and to reduce the risk of injury. That’s where I come into the picture as a personal trainer.

With my strong commitment, several years of industry experience and a whole life characterized by training, I help you achieve your training goals.


  • Muscle building
  • Weight loss


  • Lic. Personal Trainer – The Academy
  • Lic. Training Instructor – The Academy

Paulina Olofsson

Personal trainer Helsingborg

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Do you need that little extra that will help you get started or reach new levels with your training?

As a mother of four, I know how important it is to build a strong body from the inside out, that can withstand the stress of everyday life. But also the fact that it sometimes feels like time is not really enough. I will help you find the most effective way that suits you, where training becomes a fun and obvious part of your life puzzle.

Together we plan your goals and I will help you set up a balanced and sustainable plan towards your goals. I stand by your side along the road to coach and motivate you.

I have been strength training for 20 years and have a huge interest in diet and cooking. Everyday food must be nutritious without being complicated or time-consuming to prepare. If you hire me, in addition to training, I have good dietary advice and recipes to share with me.


  • Barbell training
  • Diet schedule / dietary advice
  • Pregnancy and maternity training


  • Lic. Personal trainer
  • Trained trainer Maternityhealth by “MammaMage”
  • Eleiko Strength Coach, Level 1
  • External course in anatomy and physiology

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